Lifebuoy Body Wash

ActivSilver Formula to protect us from germs
Total Lifebuoy liquid soap contains a patented raw material, ActivSilver Formula along with active thymol is known for its strength as a natural antiseptic. Timol was discovered in 1719 by Caspar Neuman and came from a very well-known herbal, Timi. Our soft and rich foam in liquid soap reaches deep into the pores, cleanses deeply and removes germs that can cause 10 types of skin infections, and leaves your skin clean and fresh.

Variants : Cool fresh, fresh, kasturi musk, lemon fresh, matcha green tea, mildcare, nature pure, total 10, orange, vita protect, red, green, lemon

Packing :

250 ml x 24 pouch

450 ml x 24 pouch

100 ml x 6 x 6 bottle

300 ml x 4 x 6 bottle