Soklin Liquid Detergent

So Klin Liquid


The perfect concentrate liquid detergent that is simple and effective for your washing experience.  It is efficiently remove dirt and stains compare to normal detergents. The cleaning antigen is 50%  more concentrated compare to others. The new Clean & Soft formulation giving you 2X extra cleaning power to removing stains and 2X extra soften clothes. Therefore with added Anti Bacterial formulation in So Klin Liquid, leaving no odour but only aromatic scent on your clothes. STAINS GONE, PERFECTLY CLEAN.

So Klin Liquid comes in 4 different variants :

  1. So Klin Liquid Reguler
  2. So Klin Liquid Softergent
  3. So Klin Liquid Violet Blossom
  4. So Klin Liquid Perfume Collection

Packing : 1 ltr x 6 bottles
Carton dimension : 371 x 161 x 305 mm
Net weight : 6.93 kgs
1 x 20 FT : 1770 cartons