Soklin Biomatic Detergent

There are 2 different variants available to cater special to your washing machines

  1. So Klin Biomatic Blue : Create less foam that perfectly suitable for both Front Loading washing machines and Top Loading washing machines.
  2. So Klin Biomatic Green: Come with special formulation that suitable best for Top Loading washing machines.

So  Klin Biomatic comes with 8 special features:

  1. Enzyme : For effective cleaning power in removing stains
  2. Anti Re-deposition : To protecting the clothes from stains.
  3. Color Guard : To protect and lock the color vibrant of your lovely clothes.
  4. Non- ionic Tenside : Protecting your skins from Allergic and Irritation Free.
  5. Concentrate Formula : Value for money with more wash
  6. Low Foam : Friendly to your machine and environment.
  7. Bright Activator : Gives your clothes a brighter look as if as new clothes.
  8. Save & Efficient : Safe and efficient for washing machine


Packing : 1 kg * 6 boxes

Packing : 2 kg * 4 boxes