Attack Detergent Plus Softener

High-tech concentrated detergent plus softener with Formula New 3D Clean Action:
· Clean and soft. Removing stains and softener content makes the fabric fibers become flexible so that they are comfortable to wear.
· Anti Germs. Prevents growth of odor-causing germs after clothes are washed.
· Anti-odor. Protect clothes from smell. Prevent the smell of sweat in clothes all day.
The more often washed with detergent Attack, the stronger the protection against germs and odors. Clean from visible and invisible stains!

Type : powder detergent


Packing : 23 g * 432 sachets

Packing : 48 g * 144 sachets

Packing : 450g * 24 bags

Packing : 800g * 12 bags

Packing : 1200g * 8 bags


Made in Indonesia