Vixal Floor and Toilet Cleaner

Vixal is a porcelain cleaning liquid that can quickly remove all stains on toilets, porcelain surfaces, ceramics, mosaics and the like. With the active ingredient of acid (HCl), Vixal is able to restore the clean surface of the surface of your toilet or other surfaces. The bottle cap has been specially made so that Vixal can be directly used in the desired dirty area. The dose on the bottle cap also makes use more economical.


For light stains, just spray the floor or the surface that will be cleaned with Vixal, let stand a few moments, then wash with water. For heavy stains, Vixal syringes to the wall or stained surface, let stand for a few moments, rub with a brush, then wash with water. Can be repeated again if needed.

Variants : Blue, Green

Packing :
500ml x 12 bottles
800ml x 12 bottles