Kit GP-9 Multi Purpose Lubricant

KIT GP-9 Multi Purpose Lubricant Spray with Nano Technology, the molecule is very small (1 per 1 billion), so it can penetrate into the metal pores and protect it better.

3x More Effective: Makes it easy to remove parts that are rusty and sticky or jammed, such as nuts, bolts, valves, locks. Eliminating creaking on moving parts, such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains, gears.
Prevents rust and corrosion in metals, prevents wear due to friction and removes moisture.
The GP-9 kit can be used on a variety of metal materials such as: nuts and bolts, locks, hinges, lamp switches / plugs, spark plugs, chain saws, bearings, dynamos, sliding doors, fishing rods, ship engines, factory machinery, sewing machines, roller conveyor, sprocket, forklift, clutch cable, farm tractor etc.


Packing : 225 ml x 12