Indomilk Milk

Sterilized Milk is a liquid dairy products derived from fresh milk that is heated at a temperature of not less than 100 C in sufficient time to reach a state of sterile and packaged in a airtight transparent plastic bottle so that it can survive a long time without preservatives. Indomilk Sterilized Milk’s product excellence :

> Made with fresh milk
> Nutrition Source for Bone : Calcium, Phosporus, and Vitamin D
> Contains Vitamin to fulfill daily nutrients : Vitamine A, B2, B3, B6
> Available in 4 Flavors which are liked by Children

Indomilk Sterilized Milk is suitable for children aged 3-12 years.

Indomilk Liquid Milk makes healthy days more enjoyable and fun


Packing : 190 ml x 24

Product Shelf Life:
> Chocolate and Strawberry = 9 Months
>  Melon and Vanila = 7 Months