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    Variants : Squash (grape, pineapple, lychee, mango, orange, soursop) Packing : 525 ml * 12 bottles Special Grade (grape, lychee, pineapple, mango, mocca, melon, cocopandan, blackcurrant) Packing : 585 ml * 12 bottles    

  • Freiss Syrup

    Freiss Syrup from Indofood with the best fruit flavors is now enriched with the goodness of honey. Any one, any time will enjoy the fresh taste. So make sure you have the real taste of Freiss Syrup from Indofood in your fridge, and enjoy an extra freshness anytime you want. Variant : Orange, Lychee, Cocopandan,…

  • Kurnia raspberry syrup

    Packing : 600ml * 6 bottles Vol / carton : 0.023 m3 Made in Indonesia

  • Marjan Squash

    Marjan Squash is prepared from fruit concentrate, combined with quality ingredients, giving a real fruity taste and very refreshing when served cold or with ice. Five flavors are available ready to refresh your day: Cocopandan, Mango, Guava, Fruit punch and Orange

  • Marjan Syrup

    A double strength sugar syrup with a selection of popular fruit flavor. They are great to just serve it cold with iced water, or for fruit cocktail and desserts Flavors available for marjan syrup range are Cocopandan, Melon, Stroberi, Leci, Fruit punch, Moka, vanila, Pisang susu, Ros, Grenadine, Kopi, Lemon, and Markisa.   All variants of marjan syrup are…

  • Marjan Syrup With Milk

    Marjan with Milk is a blend of Marjan Syrup with milk. It has a unique taste, it boosts up the fruit flavor when  added to fruit juice giving great taste.    Marjan Syrup with Milk is prepared from pure sugar  without preservatives and artificial sweeteners,  it is appropriate for the entire family, available in  4…

  • Sunquick

    Sunquick is super-concentrated juice syrup for the whole family. The unique fruit taste has made Sunquick an extremely popular drink in millions of households all over the world, refreshing and tasty, loved by the whole family. Sunquick provides all important vitamin C. Sunquick Concentrates are produced from natural fruit juice and sweetened with sugar, contains…