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  • Aganol Antibacterial Floor Cleaner

    Aganol® antibacterial floor cleaner is formulated  to clean and disinfect the flooring of hard surfaces. The formula effectively lifts stubborn dirt and works quickly so you'll have a clean and shiny floor. It is Enhanced with the scent of flowers and herbs that leave instant freshness in your room. Suitable for all hard floor types:…

  • CIF multipurpose cleaner

    CIF is a versatile cleaning product that can be used to clean various types of stubborn stains easily. Not only can it reliably clean the stains in the kitchen such as oil and charred food scraps, CIF can also be used to clean the bathroom from water crust and soap deposits and other parts of…

  • Cling Glass Cleaner

    Packing : 425 ml * 12 pouch Packing : 425 ml * 12 bottles Packing : 4 ltr * 3 bottles   Made in Indonesia

  • Domestos Toilet and Porcelain Cleaners

    Domestos Toilet and Porcelain Cleaners with Active Green Formula content effectively cleanse the surface of the toilet and porcelain, removes stains, and kills germs and bacteria, even those left by other cleaners. Can be used for toilet seats, squat toilets and other porcelain surfaces such as floors, walls and bathroom tubs. Does not damage porcelain,…

  • Harpic Toilet Cleaner

    Variants : Power 5x, Floral, Lemon, Orange, Rose, SB Citrus, SB Orange Packing : 450 ml  x 12

  • Hit Expert Magic Mosquito Coil

    Variant : Floral, Fresh, Lily Blossom Packing : Magic 10'S ( Floral, Fresh, Lily Blossom) --> 6 x 24 boxes Magic 12'S ( Floral, Fresh ) --> 6 x 24 boxes  

  • Hit Expert Mosquitos Aerosol

    Variants : Orange, Lily Blossom, Citrus, Sweet Flower, Blooming Tea Packing : 200 ml x 12 500 ml x 12 600 ml x 12

  • Ligent Dishwashing Detergent

    Ligent dishwashing detergent is formulated with effective cleaning power to remove and dissolve grime and fats from your kitchen utensils thoroughly without leaving any smell at all. Available in  3 variants: Lime, Grapefruit and Lemon. Size : 80 ml, 180 ml, 600 ml, 630 ml, 1000 ml, 3.7 Ltr, & 20 Ltr  

  • Lysorin Disinfectant

    Lysorin disinfectant  is effective for killing germs, viruses and fungi. Lysorin can be used for cleaning any hard surfaces and  floors, especially in public places such as hospitals, offices, cinemas, even animal cages and ditches. Packing : 630 ml x 12 pouch 1000 ml x 12 bottles 3.7 ltr / jerrycan

  • Mama Lime Dish Washing Liquid

    Packing : 400 ml * 12 Packing : 700 ml * 12   Made in Indonesia

  • Mr Muscle Clear Glass Cleaner

    Equipped with extra clean and anti-bacterial power, effectively cleansing stubborn dirt on glass, chrome, stainless steel, vinyl and other surfaces easily and quickly, and kills bacteria so that the glass is clean and brilliant as it is lost. Variants : Blue, Apple, Lemon, Lavender Packing : 500 ml x 12 pump 440 ml x 24…

  • Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner

    Very practical without rinse, effectively cleansing and dissolving oil to clean the gloss without marks. Suitable for cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen from all dirt and stains after cooking. Contains orange oil which is very effective in dissolving oil, so that the kitchen is hygienic and oil free. The anti-bacterial substances effectively kill disease-causing…