Car Care

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  • Carrera Car Shampoo

    Packing : 400 ml x 12 pouch 450 ml x 12 pouch 800 ml x 12 pouch

  • Carrera Car Shampoo & Wax

    Packing : 400 ml x 12 pouch

  • Carrera Dashboard Cleaner

    Packing : 175 ml x 12 bottles

  • Carrera Polish & Wax

    Packing : 250 ml x 12

  • Carrera Tire Polish

    Packing : 200 ml x 48 400 ml x 12

  • Kit Auto Glass Cleaner

    Clean brilliant without marks Clean the outer and inner windshield. Remove dirt, dust and oil stains so that the glass of the car is brilliantly clean without marks. The formula is ammonia free, making it safe for window film. Effectively prevents fungus from growing on the windshield.   Packing : 500 ml x 12 pump

  • Kit Black Magic Tire Gel

    Cleaning, polishing and Protecting Tires Longer With a unique gel formula that makes the tire black and the "wet look" sparkle lasts longer. The unique water resistant formula keeps the car tires shiny black even after the car is washed or exposed to rain. Protect tires from cracks / tingling Packing : 300 ml x…

  • Kit Glass Polish

    KIT Glass Polish is specially formulated to make clear clean car glass for driving safety. KIT Glass Polish effectively removes water stains, oil residues / vehicle fumes, stains due to acid rain, bird droppings & insects and other stubborn stains. Helps to remove fine scratches on the surface of the glass so that the glass…

  • Kit GP-9 Multi Purpose Lubricant

    KIT GP-9 Multi Purpose Lubricant Spray with Nano Technology, the molecule is very small (1 per 1 billion), so it can penetrate into the metal pores and protect it better. 3x More Effective: Makes it easy to remove parts that are rusty and sticky or jammed, such as nuts, bolts, valves, locks. Eliminating creaking on…

  • Kit Leather Care

    Keeping skin material always looks new Cleanse, treat, protect material made of skin. With a balanced pH formula, cleanse dirt and stains on the surface of the skin. The anti static agent makes dust not easily stick to the surface of the skin. Contains Nourishing Lotion to treat and rejuvenate the skin so that it…

  • Kit Metal Polish Cream

    Cleaning and polishing metal and chrome It is very effective in cleaning and polishing all kinds of objects made of metal and chrome to become as new as possible. Protect and prevent metals from rust and corrosion.   Packing : 24 x 50gr

  • Kit Multi Purpose Cleaner

    Remove fat and dirt KIT Multi Purpose Super cleaner is a product with a special formula that is very effective in cleaning fat / oil, asphalt, stubborn dust / stains, food / beverage spills etc. Very effective and safe to use cleaning car and motorcycle engines, upholstery and carpet. Can also be used to clean…