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  • Aloe Vera Pearl Drink

    Packaging: Slim can Size: 250ml Flavour: Banana and Lemon Aloe vera is rich of vitamins and minerals and contains high fibre and is good for digestion and skin complexion. Some of its minerals and vitamins serve as natural antioxidant that is important for body immune system. Wong Coco’s Aloe Vera is a healthy and wholesome food made out…

  • Bear Brand Pure Milk

    BEAR BRAND is made from 100% high quality pure milk which has undergone a sterilization process without the addition of preservatives so that it can be consumed directly. With all the goodness of milk, the purity of BEAR BRAND can help maintain a healthy body. Packing : 189 ml x 30

  • Cap Panda Herbal Tea

    Herbal tea made of combination of natural ingredients for better digestion process, body’s detoxification and maintaining one’s health. Cap Panda herbal Tea --> 310 ml * 24 cans Cap Panda Grass Jelly --> 310 ml * 24 cans Cap Panda Green Tea --> 310 ml * 24 cans Cap Panda Chrysanthenum --> 310 ml *…

  • Country Choice Fruit Juice

    Packing : 250 ml x 24 UHT 300 ml x 24 PET bottles 1 ltr x 12 UHT   Variants : Apple, Mango, Orange, Guava, Apple Pulp, Goji Berry

  • Energen cereal

    Variants : Chocolate, Vanilla, Green Bean, & Ginger Packing : 12 pouch * 10 sachets @ 29 g Packing : 24 boxes * 5 sachets @ 29 g  

  • Fruity Juice

    Packaging: Plastic tube Size: 80g x 5 tubes Flavour: Grape, Lychee, Melon, Orange, Strawberry Another of Wong Coco’s product that is also tasty is Fruit Juice Stick, which is a modification of Ice Bon-Bon with no milk.

  • Good Day Coffee ready to drink

    Variants :  Caramel Macchiato Mocca Latte White Vanilla Packing : 200 ml x 24

  • Ice Bon Bon

    Packaging: Plastic tube Size: 80g x 5 tubes Flavour: Grape, Lychee, Melon, Orange, Strawberry As children’s favourite dessert, Ice Bon-Bon is a refreshing frozen juice with fruit flavours. The mixture of milk inside gives special characteristics which distinguished Wong Coco Ice Bon-Bon from other brands. Good when served cold or even better when served chilled.

  • Ichitan

    Variants : thai milk coffee, thai milk tea, thai milk green tea, thai manggo coconut Packing per carton : 310 ml x 24 bottle Carton dimension : 20 x 21 x 31.5 cm

  • Indomilk Milk

    Sterilized Milk is a liquid dairy products derived from fresh milk that is heated at a temperature of not less than 100 C in sufficient time to reach a state of sterile and packaged in a airtight transparent plastic bottle so that it can survive a long time without preservatives. Indomilk Sterilized Milk's product excellence…

  • Kara Nata De Coco

    Cup 220g - Lychee , packing : 220g * 24 cups Standing Pouch 360g - Plain , packing : 360g * 24 pouch Bag 1000g - Plain , packing : 1000g * 12 bags Bag 1000g - Slices, packing : 1000g * 12 bags Pail 1000g , packing : 1000g * 6 pails

  • Kiranti herbal drink

    variants : sehat datang bulan, sehat datang bulan plus orang juice, pegal linu Packing : 150ml * 24 bottles Vol / carton : 0.015 m3

  • Kopiko 78C

    Variants : Coffee Latte, Caramel Frappe, Mocharetta Packing : 240ml * 24 bottles Made in Indonesia

  • Larutan Penyegar Cap badak

    Larutan Penyegar Cap Badak (Larutan Penyegar) is a health beverage to cure Body Heatiness and its symptoms. It is uniquely processed to contain the healing properties of its herbal ingredients but without their murky colour, pungent smell and bitter flavours. As a result, Larutan Penyegar's tasteless, colourless and odourless properties are widely accepted and consumed by all age group;…

  • Larutan Penyegar Cap Kaki Tiga

    Cap Kaki Tiga is the trusted solutions for inner body heat that contains of natural mineral (gypsum fibrosum and calcitum) that can helps to relieve body heat which prepared by heritage recipe and has been consumed for decades since 1937.   Larutan Cap Kaki Tiga (Can) --> 320 ml * 24 cans (Variants : strawberry,…

  • Le Minerale Mineral Water

      Le Minerale, pure and preserved mineral water sourced from the mountain and packed directly on site using the latest technology (mineral protection system) to bring you a healthy refreshment for optimum body function. Available Packing : 330 ml x 24 bottle 600 ml x 24 bottle 1.5 lt x 12 bottle

  • Nescafe

    Variants : original, latte, mocha Packing : 240 ml * 24 bottles   Made in Indonesia

  • Nescafe Smoovlatte

    Packing : 190 ml * 24 bottles Made in Indonesia

  • Nescafe UHT

    Variants : white coffee, black, coffee cream, french vanilla, mochacino Packing : 200 ml * 36 packs   Made in Indonesia

  • Nu Tea

    Nu Green Tea - variants : original, honey, less sugar, royal jasmine Packing per carton : 450ml x 24 bottle / 330 ml x 24 bottle   Nu Milk Tea - variants : milk tea, teh tarik Packing per carton : 330 ml x 24 bottle / 200 ml x 12 bottle   Nu Oceana…

  • Panther Energy Drink

    Healthy drink helps to refresh your body when you're working hard or playing sports. Bring back your energy with a fresh sensation of Mixfruit. Packing : 175ml * 24 cups (variant: mix fruit) Packing : 180ml * 24 bottles (variant: mix fruit) Packing : 250 ml * 24 PET bottle (variant : Lava Blast &…

  • Prima Mineral Water

    Prim-A comes in several packages: 1. 240 ml cup package, 2. 330, 600, 1500ml bottle package, 3. 19L gallon package

  • SmartC

    Packing per carton : 350ml x 12 bottle Carton dimension : 24.5 x 18.5 x 20 cm

  • Sosro Fruit Tea

    Packing : 500ml * 24 PET bottles, 1 x 20ft = 1,240 cartons 200ml * 24 UHT,  1 x 20ft = 2,956 cartons 318ml * 24 cans,  1 x 20ft = 2,120 cartons   Variants : Apple, Blackcurrant, Guava, Strawberry, Extreme (apple & blackcurrant), Fusion (Strawberry & Grape)  

  • Sosro Teh Botol Jasmine Tea

    Variants : original, less sugar, green tea Packing per carton : 250 ml x 24 UHT 500 ml x 24 PET bottles 1 ltr x 12 UHT   Variants : regular, less sugar


    Teh Kotak (jasmine tea) 300ml --> 300ml * 24 packs Teh Kotak (jasmine tea) less sugar 300 ml --> 300ml * 24 packs Teh kotak (jasmine tea) 500ml --> 500ml * 12 packs    

  • Teh Pucuk Harum (tea)

    Variants : original, less sugar   Packing : 24 bottles * 350ml Packing : 12 bottles * 500 ml Made in Indonesia

  • Ultra Sari Asem

    Ultra Sari Asem Asli (Ultra Tamarind Juice) is a typical Indonesian traditional sweet and sour health drink, extracted from selected high quality tamarind and combined with pure palm sugar. Traditionally, this health drink has been used to speed digestion and beneficial when you are on diet. It is  ideal for daily drinking consumption at cold…


    Ultra Sari Kacang Ijo ( Ultra Mung Bean Drink ) ideal for daily drinking consumption at cold or room temperature. It is recommended for all consumer in any of aged, include children 1 year and above, teens, adults, also elder. This health drink is made from high quality mung bean which is a delicious source…