PT Citra Sukses Internasional is a trading company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We provide Indonesia products at affordable prices with good quality. The products we provide as follows:

1. foods (biscuits, candies, crackers, instant noodles, cooking spices, chocolate, cookies, canned fish, beans, chili sauce, soy sauce, etc)

2. beverages (juice, powder drink, soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, milk, coffee, etc)

3. cooking oil (palm oil and coconut oil)

4. butter

5. coconut milk

6. toilteries (shampoo, detergent, soap, deodorant, cleaning floors, etc)

7. baby products (clothes, soap, baby powder, baby oil, baby cologne, nipple, diapers, etc)

8. branded products such as P&G, Unilever, Arnotts, Johnson, Cussons, Del Monte, etc

9. Charcoal

If you have any inquiry for products (either branded or unbranded) and not listed in this website, kindly contact us by email. We are pleased to serve you.