Wafer Stick

  • Astor Skinny Roll

    Variants : peanut, vanilla, chocolate Packing : 50g * 36 packs

  • Astor Wafer Stick

    Tasty and crunchy stick wafer filled with real tasty chocolate, with stripes on the outside for extra Astor taste.

  • Biscotto Wafer Sticks

    Variants : Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Chocomint, Strawberry, Choco hazelnut Packing : 370g * 12 tins Vol / carton : 0.027 m3

  • Biskitop Wafer Stick

    Packing : 650g * 6 jars Vol / carton : 0.020 m3

  • Chocolatos

    The blending of the stick wafer and chocolate cream offers distinctive delicacy and satisfaction

  • Chocolatos II

    Chocolatos II is the latest variant of Chocolatos. You will feel the unforgettable sensation when enjoying the long and wide wafer stick, with solid cream containing chocolate and nuts

  • Chocolatos Mocca

    Now comes a new innovation from Chocolatos, Chocolatos Chocolate Mocca flavor. With a larger wafer sticks and length, combined with cream plus chocolate mocca dense, Chocolatos Mocca very pampering your tongue

  • Deka Wafer Roll

    PT Dua Kelinci’s latest production of combining decadent chocolate wrapped in crispy wafer can be found in Deka Choco product. Additionally, enjoy the unique blend of chocolate and peanut in the Deka ChocoNut variation. Shipping Info: Carton Packaging CBM Container Capacity 20″ 40″ 40″ HC 6x24x11gr 0.02 2135 4430 5040 48x5x11gr 0.02 2135 4430 5040…

  • Lafero wafer stick

    Packing : 24 Pack x 70 g Carton dimension : 295 x 230 x 165 mm