• Amorish beauty soap

    Variant : 4   Variant ( jasmine, lavender, rose & classic) Description : With Natural Fresh Flower Fragrance and enriched with Moisturizer and Vitamin E for the beauty of skin, AMORISH Bath Soap will give you a truly refreshing bath experience. Packing : 75g x 72 pcs ; 125g x 72 pcs ; 150g x…

  • Anita soap

    Anita Beauty Soap derived from natural palm oil, for your beautiful skin, enriched with special extract to suit your skin needs. Papaya Extract for normal to oily skin Almond Extract for dry to normal skin Cucumber Extract for normal skin Avocado Extract for dry skin Special Conditioner for delicated skin Packing : 80g x 72…

  • giv beauty soap

    Packing : 80g * 72 pcs Vol / carton : 0.032 m3 Made in Indonesia

  • Giv Liquid bodywash

    Variants : pure white, glowing white, smooth white Packing : 100ml * 24 bottles Packing : 250ml * 12 bottles Packing : 70ml * 48 pouch Packing : 450ml * 12 pouch Packing : 250ml * 12 pouch   Made in Indonesia

  • Harmony fruity soap

    Variant : orange, strawberry, apple, grape, lemon, lime, peach, papaya, mango Packing : 70gr x 72 pcs  

  • Harmony yogurt

    Variant : raspberry, blackberry, grapefruit, papaya Packing : 80g x 72 pcs

  • Lervia milk shower cream

    Variant : - Lervia Milk & Honey Shower Cream - Lervia Milk & Avocado Shower Cream - Lervia Milk & Rose Shower Cream packed in uniquely designed plastic container of 250 ml, providing a different bathing sensation for your skin Packing : 24 pcs x 250 ml  

  • Lervia soap

    Lervia Milk Soap is enriched with Milk Protein which contains protein, lactose, and natural moisturizer needed by your skin. Using Lervia Milk Soap regularly will make you skin feels moist and soft Variant : Milk Soap, Milk and Honey, Milk and Rose, Milk and Rose, Milk and Rose Packing : 72 PCS X 90 GR  

  • Medicare soap

    Packing : 72 PCS x 85 GR Variant : Black (Double Protection) White (Classic) Red (Active) Blue (Fresh) Orange (Energizing) Purple (Relaxing)

  • Ovale Liquid Soap

    This soap is formulated with Olive Oil and Vitamin E to clean and moisten your skin.