Freshener for Room or Car

  • Bayfresh Hang N’ Go Car Freshener

    Cars are more fresh and fun. Keeping the car air fresh is certainly important so that passengers remain comfortable during the trip. Looking for unique and durable car deodorizers is now even easier because there is Bayfresh Hang'n Go. The car is more fresh and fun Variants : Cherry Blossom Frozen Lime¬† Strawberry n Cream…

  • BayFresh Room Freshener

    Air fragrances with natural fragrance of flowers and fruit. Specially formulated fragrances can neutralize odors in the air and provide freshness in the room Variants : Country Apple, Rose, Strawberry, Lemon, Morning Coffee Available packing : 225 ML x 12 320 ML x 12

  • Glade Bathroom Fresh

    Bathroom fragrances in the form of gels with fresh natural perfumes, strong and durable. It's very easy to use, just hang it. Variants : Lemon, Mountain Pine, Fresh Air, Lavender Mist Packing : 75 gr x 24 pcs

  • Glade Continuous Freshness

    Air fragrances in the form of gels in the form of cartridges with high concentration of perfume. Membrane technology, regulates the release of perfume from the gel slowly and consistently so that the fragrance can last up to 30 days. Can be used directly or as a refill for all Glade Sensations tools. Packing :…

  • Glade Matic Device

    Glade Air freshener, The latest innovation from Glade to provide continuous fragrance automatically with a tool equipped with a timer. Timing is available for 9 minutes, 18 minutes and 36 minutes. Also equipped with a manual button for extra freshness. Suitable for larger rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, offices etc. Color of dispenser…

  • Glade Room Freshener

      Air fragrances with the natural fragrance of fruit and flowers, scent every room, instant and long lasting. Variants : Glade Aerosol (250 ml x 12, 350 ml x 12) : Lemon, Jasmine, Peony & Berry Bliss, Orange, Lavender Glade Spa Aerosol (250 ml x 12, 350 ml x 12) : Green Tea / Morning…

  • Stella Aerosol

    Aerosol 140 ml x 12 - Variants : Lemon, Orange, Green Fantasy Aerosol 200 ml / 250 ml x 12 - Variants : Lemon, Orange, Apple, Rose Aerosol Pure & Fresh / Odour 250 ml x 12 Aerosol Pure Air 275 ml x 12 - Variants : Fresh & Protect, Clean & Protect Aerosol Romance…

  • Stella Car Perfume

    Set : 8 ml x 3 pcs x 8 inner box - Variants : Musk, Energyc, Shine Refill : 8 ml x 12 pcs x 4 inner box - Variants : Musk, Energyc, Shine

  • Stella Car Perfume Twist

    Variants : Pink, Blue, Cocktail Packing : 12 units / carton

  • Stella Daily Freshness

    Variants : 7 ml x 12 pcs x 6 boxes Variants : Red Kiss, Orange Blossom, Purple Dream, Golden Vanilla, Green Fresh, Green Harmony Variants : Kiss, Blossom, Dream Vanilla, Fresh Sanrio kiss / Blossom, Dream, Vanilla, Fresh, Green Harmony

  • Stella Finesse Bathroom

    Variants : Fresh Green, Cool Blue, Passion Red Packing : 70 gr x 18 pcs x 4 inner boxes

  • Stella Matic Parfum’ist Room Freshener Device

    The newest air freshener gadget from Stella. It has a modern and charming design and fresh fragrance that brings the beach atmosphere into the house 1 carton : 12 set. Each set contain : 1 pc dispenser + 1 pc stella aerosol 225 ML + 2 pcs battery   Variants : Red (Free refill Stella…