Jelly, Pudding & Agar Agar

  • cincau cap bunga janggelan

    Bunga janggelan cincau powder

    Packing : 10 sachets * 20 boxes Made in Indonesia


    My Jelly Pudding

    Variants : Lemon, Lychee, Mango, Strawberry Packing : 120g * 36 cups Packing : 120g * 3 cups * 16 packs packing : 120g * 6 cups * 8 packs

  • My Jelly with Nata dde coco

    My Jelly with Nata de Coco

    Packaging: Plastic bag Size: 14g x 5 cups, 14g x 15 cups, 14g x 30 cups Flavour: Grape, Lychee, Melon, Orange, Strawberry A favourite dessert for all ages that is made from seaweed and processed hygienically. It is produced with no artificial sweetener and no preservatives so it’s guaranteed to be in good quality and succulent with elastic texture.

  • nutrijell


    Variants: Nutrijell jelly powder (flavour : grass jelly, plain, orange, melon, guava, grape, manggo, lychee, strawberry, chocolate) Nutrijell pudding (flavour : green bean, vanilla milk, caramel milk, capuccino milk, brown sugar, cocopandan, coconut milk, mango milk, chocolaate milk) Nutrijel Agarasa (flavour : strawberry, plain, melon, chocolate)  

  • okky jelly drink

    Okky Jelly Drink

    Okky Jelly Drink is an innovation of jelly division, it combines jelly as food and drink. This product contains jelly of nata de coco and is available in cup with various selections of oranges, guava, apple, and blackcurrant. Okky Jelly Drink offers freshness, quenching thirst and reduces hunger. Okky Jelly Drink is very suitable to…

  • swallow agar agar

    Swallow agar agar powder

    Packing : 24 boxes * 12 sachets @ 7g Variants : a. Swallow Globe Agar Agar powder (color : plain, orange, green, chocolate, red) b. Swallow Sun Agar Agar powder (color : white, re, green, chocolate)