Facial & Body Treatment

  • emeron body lotion.png

    Emeron Lovely Body Lotion

    Packing : 60ml * 72 bottles Packing : 120ml * 72 bottle Packing : 250ml * 24 bottles Packing : 400ml * 12 bottles   Made in Indonesia

  • Eskulin-Body-mist_023531

    Eskulin Body Mist Cologne

    Mist cologne with floral fragnance for feminine, classy, active & enchanted women. Eskulin Body Mist, My Beauty Scent-sation.. Variants: Eskulin Body Mist Pink Blossom, Blue Temptation, Dazzling Purple, Green Fantasy & Sprakling Yellow

  • Eskulin-Cologne-Cherrybelle_023754

    Eskulin Cologne Gel

    Perfume gel sticky-free for your skin with long lasting fragrance. Complete with moisturizer to keep your skin smooth.

  • Eskulin-Splash-Cologne_023253

    Eskulin Splash Cologne

    Splash Cologne for teenagers with cool and fresh fragrance that gives a SCENT-sasional feeling.

  • Eskulin-Spray-Cologne_023030

    Eskulin Spray Cologne

    Spray Cologne for teenagers to accompany their daily activity with choices of sweet and fresh fragrance. Variant : Wake Up Girl!, Cheer The World, Shake Your Body and Good Night Kiss.

  • lavenda display

    Lavenda Mosquito Repellent

    Packing : 10ml * 288 sachets Packing : 10ml * 10 sachets * 24 boxes Packing : 50ml * 12 tube   Made in Indonesia

  • Splash-Cologne_021407

    Master Splash Cologne

    Cologne developed specifically for men. Gives total refreshment to your body.

  • Spray-Cologne_021907

    Master Spray Cologne

    Cologne for men that's enriched with an antibacterial formula, giving the sensation of cold and freshness throughout the day for your body.

  • ovale-essential-vitamin_033643

    Ovale Essential Vitamin

    Specially formulated with Apple Oil and Vitamin E as the magic shield to protect your youthfull appearance. Enriched with Orange Oil for a fresh sensation and Vitamin A, C and K for face nourishment.

  • ovale_paper_033957

    Ovale Face Paper

    This Facial Paper absorbs excess oil on your face without ruining make up.

  • Ovale_facial_cream_032055

    Ovale Facial Cream

    Formula "Triple Action". Sunscreen, Green Tea Extract, Vitamins A and E to prevent dull skin, reduces dark spots and blackheads become brighter and brighter.

  • DSC_2441_031344

    Ovale Facial Lotion

    Practical one-step face cleanser contains Aloe Vera extract to moisten your skin and also Vitamin A & Vitamin E for smoother skin.