• nescafe smoovlatte display

    Nescafe Smoovlatte

    Packing : 190 ml * 24 bottles Made in Indonesia

  • nescafe uht display

    Nescafe UHT

    Variants : white coffee, black, coffee cream, french vanilla, mochacino Packing : 200 ml * 36 packs   Made in Indonesia

  • panther energy drink display

    Panther Energy Drink

    Healthy drink helps to refresh your body when you're working hard or playing sports. Bring back your energy with a fresh sensation of Mixfruit. Packing : 175ml * 24 cups (variant: mix fruit) Packing : 180ml * 24 bottles (variant: mix fruit) Packing : 250 ml * 24 PET bottle (variant : Lava Blast &…

  • teh botol 2

    Teh Botol (tea – ready to drink)

    Teh Botol kotak 200ml --> packing : 200ml * 24 packs Teh Botol kotak 250ml --> packing : 250ml * 24 packs Teh Botol kotak 1000ml --> packing : 1000ml * 12 packs Teh Botol pouch 230ml --> packing : 230ml * 12 pouch Teh Botol kotal 330ml --> packing : 330ml * 24 packs…

  • teh kotak


    Teh Kotak (jasmine tea) 300ml --> 300ml * 24 packs Teh Kotak (jasmine tea) less sugar 300 ml --> 300ml * 24 packs Teh kotak (jasmine tea) 500ml --> 500ml * 12 packs    

  • teh pucuk

    Teh Pucuk Harum (tea)

    Variants : original, less sugar   Packing : 24 bottles * 350ml Packing : 12 bottles * 500 ml Made in Indonesia

  • sari asem asli

    Ultra Sari Asem (Ultra Tamarind Juice)

    Ultra Sari Asem Asli (Ultra Tamarind Juice) is a typical Indonesian traditional sweet and sour health drink, extracted from selected high quality tamarind and combined with pure palm sugar. Traditionally, this health drink has been used to speed digestion and beneficial when you are on diet. It is  ideal for daily drinking consumption at cold…

  • Sari_Kacang_Hijau_250ml

    ULTRA SARI KACANG IJO (Mung Bean Drink)

    Ultra Sari Kacang Ijo ( Ultra Mung Bean Drink ) ideal for daily drinking consumption at cold or room temperature. It is recommended for all consumer in any of aged, include children 1 year and above, teens, adults, also elder. This health drink is made from high quality mung bean which is a delicious source…